Why use treatment?

Treating your gates is a key way to help to preserve them. It helps to keep out water and harmful UV rays which can cause warping, splitting of the timber and discolouration. Treating your gates also adds a complementary finishing touch to the timber.

What should I use? 

Different types of wood require different treatments to preserve them. We have tried and tested products over the years and come to two particular brands of the products below which we find to be really effective. If you want more info, please drop us an email or fill in our contact form, and we'll be more than happy to advise you.
Hardwood - Oil (We use Barrettine All in One Decking Oil in the colour Light Oak)
Softwood - Stain/Wood preservative (We use Barrettine Wood Preserver in the colour Light Brown) You can see in some of our images what the oil and preserver looks like on the timber. We can also source different colour shades - contact us for more details.
5 bar gates - If in softwood, these come pressure treated, so they don't need treating for a little while. Once this has faded, you can stain them to the colour of your choice. 

When do they need to be treated? 

We recommend that you treat your gates as regularly as twice a year. The requirement can be different depending on location of the gates, and the climate, so its always best to use your discretion.
We can do the first treatment of your gates for you before they leave us. We also stock the products listed above if you would like to pop back and see us! 

If you'd like to see examples of our different treatments in action, please see our Types Of Timber page!

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