Our New Range of Planters

Posted on 22nd September 2017

Introducing Our New Range of Wooden Planters! 

If you are looking for something a little bit different to decorate your garden, then look no further! 

We now have a new collection of planters ranging from wooden barrells, to little wooden trucks! 

These exciting designs are great for gift ideas, or just as a teat to yourself....

You can find a few examples of our planters below, but please follow the link to see the whole range...we have quite a selection! 

47cm x 19.5cm x 27cm     19cm x 19cm x 25cm    41cm x 19.5cm x 27cm   35cm x 16.5cm 30cm

40cm x 12cm x 21cm    28cm x 17cm x 27cm     49cm x 31cm x 21cm   33cm x 16cm x 55cm

Find lots of other designs on our Planters Gallery
We also do a range of Animal Sculptures, Weathervanes and Solar Powered Ornaments

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