Solar Powered Ornaments

Posted on 22nd September 2017

New Solar Powered Ornaments!

We now have a range of solar powered ornaments, in the form of interesting animal sculptures. 
Now the darker nights are approaching, what could be more special than a solar powered garden light, that doubles as an ornament in the daylight?

Below are images of our solar powered range. For more details and prices please see our Solar Ornaments page.

        35cm x 42cm x 13cm                       35cm x 17cm x 20cm               32cm x 34cm x 16cm
       Brass Solar Rooster                      Ornate Solar Snail               White Solar Owl

       71cm x 52cm x 18cm                        40cm x 27cm x 18cm                    51cm x 66cm x 81cm
    Ornate Solar Peacock                 Ornate Solar Tortoise         Ornate Winged Solar Crane

We also have a range of Weathervanes, Planters and Animal Sculptures
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