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Posted on 11th October 2018


Gate of the Month

Our gate of the month for October is the elegant Stratford style gate. The images below how this gate as both a Softwood (Swedish redwood) driveway pair and a hardwood (Iroko) pedestrian version. As you can see, this sophisticated style is appealing in either type of timber.

Stratford Pedestrian Gate                           Stratford Driveway Gate 

The open design of the gate is idea for those wanting to secure an entrance whilst still allowing light and view through the gates. The double spindles and curving braces in the bottom section of the gate work well to keep pets in (Always check the gap measurements etc with us if this is a particular requirement of yours) whilst still allowing dogs etc. to have a view of the outside world.

The pointed spindles give an elegant and archaic appearance, which is accentuated by the thick and sturdy uprights on the gate frame. As seen in the images, the bottom bar can either be flush with the bottom of the gate or raised slightly above it. This is of course dependant on preference, ground conditions and circumstances etc. but it looks good either way. The smooth, swooping top bar also adds interest.

The Stratford gate is a great addition to a property as a compact and delightful pedestrian gate or a larger ornate pair of driveway gates. Either way it adds a lot of character to a property and is a very unique and stylish take on a typical garden or driveway entrance gate.  

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