Spring time Garden Ideas

Posted on 15th April 2019

Our 5 Top Tips to Revitalise your Garden this Spring 

Spring has sprung! Time to get into that garden and create the perfect space for your plans this summer.
Jobs like this can be daunting, so a little inspiration can be really useful. Below we have compiled a list of things that you could use this Springtime to spritz up your outdoor space...

Rockeries, Ornamentals and Pots 

Possibly one of the easiest ways to brighten and personalise your garden is to plant up those pots you've had lying around - we've all got them! Sprucing them up with some bright flowers is one easy step to transform your patch into the colourful, full and blooming garden you envisage. Even the small addition of coloured gravels and interesting rocks to the surface of these pots can make for an interesting combination.

Outdoor Lighting

You may have noticed in the retail industry that outdoor lighting decorations are really 'in' at the moment. Lighting to go along fences, solar lighted ornaments and lights to illumunate a pathway are all featured in todays garden fashion. These classic additions come in many forms, to suit whatever style you may be going for. They look great all year round, but especially in Summer evenings when you're most likely to make use of them to create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in your outdoor spaces.

Garden Gate
Now of course we are going to mention a new garden gate, seeing as we are all about gates here! But it really does never fail to amaze me at the difference a new gate can make to a property, especially a small stylised garden gate in this case. There are so many different styles on our website to peruse through, and definitely a unique style for everyone. It can be quite useful to create an idea in your mind of a 'theme', however vague it may be, so that everything you purchase for your plot follows the same sort of pattern so that your ideal image will easily fall into place. 

Paint It Up!
Refresh an old fence or decking with a new colour, whether that be a simple fresh coat of stain or a brand new bold colour! Bold colours can look fabulous in a garden with lots of greenery, and add a bit of contrast. Using colours such as rich browns and greys can be used to create a modern look against sparse greenery and shrubs. Blues and subtle greens can be mixed with brighter colors like terracottas and bright, lush flowers to create a more traditional, cottagey effect. 

Fruit Trees and Veggie Gardens
There really is something so rewarding about harvesting your own natural, home grown ingredients. This could be anything from growing your own herbs in small pots at the edge of your garden or growing your own fruit trees that produce captivating blossom before producing fruit. 

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