Autumn Sunshine

Posted on 21st October 2019

Pumpkin Spice, And All Things Nice...

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I love the change of seasons; it makes everything feel like turning over a new leaf, and a chance for fresh new styles and ideas in the home, fashion, food, and garden. 
The changing of the leaves is evidence of the planet winding down to Winter, making us ready for frosty mornings, cozy evenings, and festivity by the fire. Pumpkin Spice, and all things nice! 
For me, Summer was the time to be out in the garden, and these last few months of sunshine that we are having are the ideal opportunity to finish off tasks such as prepping the garden for the Winter months. 
So how does that relate to gates? Well, obviously any garden or property can be instantly lifted by a fresh gate, but another major factor to think of here is security. With the dark nights and mornings creeping in ready for Winter, it really is reassuring to know that you and your property is well secured!
So how can this be acheived? For me, just thinking of the word 'Security', in terms of property, produces an institutional feel, of being surrounded by high doors with no windows. And certainly in terms of 'security gates', you may be imagining huge, bulky gates, that block out the light and are locked in place. In terms of the finishing touch on your property, you don't want boring. Its a good job you're here because we don't like boring either. 
We have a range that offers security and style! It can all depend on the type of effect that you want - security really doesn't have to just be bulky, wooden doors in front of your house. 
Our fully boarded ranges are popular for the way that we have different stylised options - such as diagonal boarding, or an iconic 'lazy-S' top. We also have partboarded designs, that allow plenty of light through whilst still offering plenty of security. Even our open design gates are sturdy and secure - remember that being secure does not always mean hiding your property from the world - it all depends on your circumstances. Some times being able to see into a property can be an advantage to help prevent others from trying to trespass onto it!
All of our joinery gates as standard are 70mm thick, mortise and tennon crafted, which means they are particularly sturdy, and it shows when looking at them. And our small pedestrian side entrance and garden gates are just as sturdy! 
But not only that, as mentioned before, we specialise in being a bit more quirkier with our designs - every single one is just that little bit different. So its incredibly easy  to achieve style aswell as security - take a look at our designs and see for yourself.

Happy Autumn, and thanks for reading!

    The Wolverly

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