Stormy Weather !

Posted on 15th February 2020

Storm Dennis Causes Chaos in Shropshire and the surrounding areas 

What a stormy weekend it has been.
Storm Dennis followed Storm Ciara and bought yet more chaos, with many parts of the UK being affected by flooding and water damage. Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire are among those places worse affected. For instance, local to us are Ludlow, Tenbury and Bewdley - three small towns affected terribly by rivers bursting their banks. 
Normally, tourists are known to travel from far and wide to Ludlow, a  medieval market town, full of history and buildings dating back to before the 13th Century. The usually calm flowing river contributes to the beauty of Ludlow; featuring an impressive bridge and a weir surrounded by woodland and plentiful wildife, and overlooked by its famous castle. In a matter of days, it has become much the ooposite, with the river posing serious threat to all those surrounding it. The river burst its banks and rose over the top of the wall running between the river and a busy road, resulting in houses being flooded, cars abandoned and acres of land left underwater. Homes, businesses and farmland has been affected, causing some to have to evacuate their properties. 
The Guardian online states that 'Saturday night there were 104 active flood warnings in England and Wales urging people to take immediate action, with another 369 flood alerts. The Met Office has issued eight weather warnings covering most of the UK for this weekend, with hundreds of homes and businesses at risk of flooding.'
We are open for business as usual here at Turners Gates, and our thoughts go out to those affected by the flooding and storm damage. Hoping that all affected stay warm and dry, and are able to get back to normal as soon as possible. 

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