Types of Timber

We can craft our gates from both Hardwood and Softwood. We strongly believe in preserving our wonderful planet so all our timber is sustainably sourced.
We strongly recommend that you treat your gates regularly to help preserve the timber and help prevent cracking and movement.


The Softwood we use is Swedish Redwood. We have found this to be a good quality, durable softwood. Softwood tends to be the more affordable option in comparison to hardwood, whilst still having a great finish, especially after being treated. The gallery below shows examples of some of our softwood gates after they have been treated. We highly recommend that you treat your gates to preserve them.

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Pressure Treated (Tanalised) Softwood

Some of our softwood gates need to be made from pressure treated softwood in order to preserve them best and prevent movement of the wood. This goes for gates like our Five bar field gates and Ranch gates. 
The appearance of this type of softwood can be seen in the images in this gallery. The pressure treated colour will fade over time to a slivery grey, or at this point you can treat it as you would with normal softwood to a colour of your choice. 

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The Hardwood we use is Iroko, an African timber known for its rich colour and quality. Hardwood is generally known for having a longer lifespan than Softwood. We have found this type of Hardwood to be particularly durable through our unpredictable British climate. 
We can use Decking Oil to treat our Hardwood gates, which gives the wood a fantastic finish and helps to protect it. 

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